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The Contemporaine de Nîmes aims to offer a new model for artistic and cultural events, through the various commitments that have driven its conception and realization: 

  • Highlighting a local, regional and national art scene rather than a global one, without forsaking the opportunity to feature artists from all horizons.
  • Collaborate with a smaller selection of artists, to ensure better support and more in-depth projects.
  • Minimize environmental impact, by promoting eco-design, re-use of artistic productions and no transportation by air or sea for works, artists and teams.
  • Present a majority of new creations, conceived in and with the local area.
  • Integrate the social and educational dimension into the artistic project, rather than alongside or afterwards.
  • Bring together artists from different generations and give them equivalent resources.
  • Break down the barriers between artistic disciplines by inviting all fields of creation to take part in the same program.
  • Promote an event that is rigorous, accessible, inclusive, generous and popular.
  • Imagining a new laboratory for the connections between art, territory and society.